Pamela Adlon’s Hulu House ‘Better Things’

Have you seen Hulu’s Better Things? If you haven’t what are you waiting for?

The binge-worthy series revolves around Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), a single mother and working actress raising her three daughters, Max, Frankie, Duke and Sam.

What I love MOST about Better Things is the Fox family home.

The Fox’s home embodies the quintessential Californian style, tastefully decorated with items from Aldon’s personal collection.

The decor is a blend of lively colors, vintage lamps, amazing paintings and the best kitchen I’ve ever seen.

Better Things House Front

The exterior of the Better Things house is filmed at 3034 Via Maderas St, Altadena, CA. According to a Reddit user the inside is of the home is mostly a set.

Better Things House Front

Here’s a photo of the actual house used in the exterior shots.

better things real house

Better Things House Entry

The entry way is one of my favorite places in the house. It welcomes you as soon as you step through the door.

It’s fun to see how the artwork changes throughout the series.

Better Things House Entry
Better Things House Entry
Better Things House Entry

That wall scone is to-die-for.

better things house artwork
better things hulu spanish tile entry

Better Things Staircase

If you watch the show, you know about the statue at the top of the stairs “We all touch the statue at the top of the stairs when we walk past it — and we never talk about it,” Adlon notes.

That stairwell in “Better Things,” along with every wall, is showcases Adlon’s personal art collection from her Los Angeles home.

Phil’s House

Better Things House Phil

Better Things House Kitchen

Without a doubt the kitchen is the heart of the home in the Fox’s house. I want to be there cooking with Sam. She makes it seem so warm and inviting. Everything about it is familiar to the family – and it’s where some of the best scenes take place.

“Taking care of people — it just comes naturally to me. I feed my crew four times a day,” Adlon tells Variety.

Better Things House Kitchen
better things hulu kitchen
better things hulu kitchen

Better Things Living Room

This room is all about color and comfort. The artwork, lamps and rugs have me swooning.

better things couch artwork
better things hulu living room

Better Things Dining Room

This room isn’t shown a lot, but it’s a great space that opens up to the backyard. I want the lamp in the corner.

better things hulu dining room

Better Things Hallway

Better Things House Hall

Better Things Sam’s Bedroom

The Fox girls all have colorful, fun bedrooms. My favorite piece in Sam’s room is the green lamp. Every time I go thrifting – I look for one just like it.

Better Things House Sam's Bedroom
Better Things House Sam's Bedroom

Better Things Frankie’s Bedroom

Frankie’s room is full of her artwork and quirky decor. One thing I don’t have a photo of is her lamp – which is made from a mannequin.

Better Things House Frankie's Bedroom
Better Things House Frankie's Bedroom

Better Things Duke’s Bedroom

How fun would it be to have a room like Duke when you were growing up? It has whimsical, fun gypsy vibes.

Better Things House Duke's Bedroom

Better Things Max’s Bedroom

Max’s room is anything but boring, full of color and artwork – it’s a place that makes you happy just being there.

better things hulu bedroom Max
better things hulu bedroom Max

Photos: Hulu


  1. Just did see a post of this on a friend’s Facebook page, we started at season 1, enjoying it a lot. 🙂

    1. One of my favorite shows, I love her style.

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