Netflix’s ‘Bloodline’ House: Take a Look Inside

Have you binge-watched Bloodline yet? I loved the story, but I have to admit I think I loved the house more. In the series the home, a resort run by the Rayburn family, is located in the Florida Keys. 

The house uses color, pattern, and natural wood throughout. It has a very personal, comfortable, lived in vibe. Without a doubt, designer Scott P. Murphy, along with his team worked their magic.

Real Bloodline House

The actual home is located on a resort in Islamorada, one of the islands in the long strip that runs south of Florida. Most of the filming was done on the property itself, the study and living room were restyled to work for the show.

The real kitchen couldn’t be used because it was too small, so another version of the kitchen and dining area was created on a set.

Bloodline Kitchen

The island It was actually made out of wood and then faux finished to resemble slate. Murphy said they just couldn’t find the natural stone they wanted, locally, so they mimicked the look he was going after.

Bloodline Kitchen
Bloodline Kitchen
Bloodline Kitchen

The designer wanted the kitchen to represent each of the decades the kitchen was likely to have lived through. The large vintage sink is from the 40’s, the range was purchased in upstate NY and dates from the 50’s. He wanted the range to be large to allude to the possibility that breakfasts for the guests might have been made there at one time. The dishwasher was from the 70’s-80’s.

Bloodline Kitchen

Notice the wallpaper in the stairway, the design team wanted to use more of it, but it was expensive. So, instead, he chose this particular spot to make a statement and add even more interest to the interior.

Bloodline Blue Paint
Bloodline Dining room

Cuban concrete tiles were used as the backsplash.  According to Murphy the were originally intended to be used on the island.

Bloodline stove
Bloodline Kitchen
Bloodline Kitchen

For the cabinets, the team used two colors of a similar blue/mint shade, one for uppers and one for lowers. Butcher block countertops and the small wood molding that outlines the cabinet doors add warmth and depth. The wood chopping block and the copper elements add charm.

If you’re interested in the paint colors used or you’d like to read more about how the Bloodline house was decorated and designed visit Carla Aston Designed.

All stage set images via: Scott P. Murphy

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